Interview-Ask me anything, Anne Leigh Parrish…

ALP: Golf seems to be a major factor in your life, both in your debut novel, A Tight Grip, and your personal life. Tell us a little about your history with the sport, and how it influenced your writing of your book.

KRC: Golf was my first passion in life. I started playing at 9 years of age, began entering tournaments at 12, and enjoyed many wins while learning and building character from losses. Some great things that golf provided me: confidence, discipline and focus, lifelong friendships. It was an equalizer with men. They often grumbled when I played from “the men’s tees”with them, but when I outdrove or outplayed them, they settled down and I felt respected. I gave up competitive golf in my late twenties, and it turned into a social game which I hope to play well into my eighties.
In A Tight Grip, the main character, Par Parker, is obsessed with competitive golf, and the younger players upstaging her fuel a mid-life crisis. The golf action in the novel comes straight from my experience, though fictionalized. I enjoyed reconnecting with that period in my life.

ALP: You’ve had a number of other careers besides writing. What were they?

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