A Tight Grip

Jane “Par” Parker is 46-years old, a four-handicap golfer, prideful, privileged, and lives in a small Michigan town with more golf courses than churches. She has a tight grip on her obsessions: winning golf tournaments, grief over her father’s murder, and stalking a vintage Corvette. At the beginning of this week-long novel, Par Parker’s all-consuming goal is to win the upcoming match-play tournament she hasn’t been able to win in ten years. Distractions conspire against her: a night in jail for a crime she blames on her husband, a slanderous newspaper article, and shocking love affairs exposed by those closest to her.

Par’s three best friends come to her rescue, but their rescue efforts rock Par’s world. Think Ya-Yas. Now, turn the Ya-Yas into northerners, and have two of them have an affair with each other!

Par Parker’s rigid identities—golf star, father worshiper, loyal friend, mother, and wife—collect in a blender, and her friends and family press the grind button. Her quirky affinities for skinny dipping and dancing like Isadora Duncan provide some emotional solace. Amid the competitive golf action, Par realizes her obsessions have kept her stuck in the past, and the future has come to get her.

Filled with humor, poignancy and wild moments, this book offers touching insights into the transition to midlife. As you read A Tight Grip you’ll laugh, cringe, cry, and celebrate bonds of female friendships as Par Parker confronts her weaknesses, her husband, her enemies. She discovers the transformative power of adversity, and what it means to be a woman of a certain age.

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