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Writing a novel?

This essay could save your life!

The experience of publishing my first novel, A Tight Grip, gave me an idea for a parody, which has been published on
You can read it now with a click below for a light-hearted romp on the dark side of a debut novelist. Enjoy!

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Serendipity, winter solstice, and my dog, Lucy (not her real name).

Always happy when serendipity allows me a chance to talk about my novel with a stranger. Yesterday, in Seattle, a crisp and sunny winter solstice, I walked my dog to the library to pick up Still Life with Bread Crumbs (Anna Quindlen), and Zelda (Nancy Milford). When I returned home along the path at Green Lake, I spied a tiny dog being walked by two women (60-somethings like me). My dog went into a low crouch, weight on her back paws, refusing to move forward. Tiny tot did the same. 

“Dogs aren’t saying hello to him today,” the woman in charge of the leash lamented.

My dog went for tiny tot. “Be nice Lucy,” I said, then realized I called my dog by the wrong name.

The dogs visited in the way dogs do.

“What’s your dog’s name,” I asked.

“Romeo. And yours is Lucy.”

“No, her name is Lulu, but I called her Lucy because that’s the name of a character in a novel I’m writing, and she’s on my mind.”

“Oh, are you a local author?”


“What have you written?” Continue reading


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The Hillary Question

A must read, don’t you think? I just ordered a copy today, and am excited to read about the ‘Hillary Paradox.’

For easy ordering, and to discover more about the this book’s editor, Joanne Bamberger:




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Resource books for writers

Want to write a novel? Start collecting resource books. Here’s the tower of books I used to write A Tight Grip, my debut novel. Each one helped in a different way. All offer different types of information from different perspectives, and have varied degrees of entertainment value. If you skipped Anatomy class in college like I did, you can learn a lot from Human Anatomy and come across as an expert. Specificity is uber-important to the craft of writing. I needed a word for that thingy a boater ties his craft to on the dock. What’s what? supplied ‘cleat.’ New word for me, and I’ll remember it forever. Spice up your prose with exotic words from They Have a Word for It: if your antagonist is a boozer, have her experience a Katzenjammer (a horrible hangover). Need a writing exercise for practice, or to help you create some conflict, try What if? Think you must be insane for trying to write a novel, you are a little. Now that you know, check in to the asylum: your home office, local coffee shop, library. If you have a question about how I used, and continue to use, these books, please ask me via the comment section. Or, just post a comment. Do you have a resource tower?

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Celebrate Women’s History Month E-Book Sale!

For one week only, you can purchase an e-book written by a She Writes Press author for $.99! No matter what your taste in reading, I bet there’s a book here for you.

Enjoy, and remember what Dr. Seuss said about reading:

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”


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Pre-Publication Taming of the Beasts!

These two beasts may be familiar to you. I wrestled with them, pinned them to the mat, and then moved closer to the prize of publication! Click here to find out more: [SWP: Behind the Book] Taming the Beasts

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Wisconsin Golfer magazine reviews A Tight Grip

I was thrilled to read Dennis McCann’s review in Wisconsin Golfer’s section, GREAT READS. He personalized it in a fun way by sharing his attempt at writing a golf mystery. And I accept his Mulligan offer! 
For the full review, please click here:

Here’s an excerpt: 
“Protagonist plays golf, has other problems. New novel will appeal to ‘women of a certain age.’ Many women readers will relate to, or perhaps envy, [Par] Parker’s relationship with her three friends, expecially to the wine-soaked no-rules Isadora Duncan parties that serve to ease them through especially thorny times. And competitive golfers will mostly recognize Chomic’s treatment of the tournament run-up and execution.”

One correction: A Tight Grip was published by She Writes Press (2014) rather than Village Books, an independent bookstore.


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Golf: A Family Affair

Before a reading at Book’s Inc in Palo Alto, a woman told me, “Golf saved my father’s life.” She had my full attention. Her father had been a workaholic. Family time was not a priority. Then he had a health crisis, took up golf, rearranged his schedule. Fast forward to the present, he now plays golf with the entire family, and hosts a special annual golf event on the east coast for the whole clan. The daughter beamed when she said all the grandchildren have taken up the game.  I beamed, too.

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