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May 18 is National Golf Day!

Sand Blast

The author at Ella Sharp Park G.C., Jackson, MI – July 1978

As a writer and a golfer, I found joy in creating a main character with a passion for golf. Here’s an excerpt of a chat between Par Parker and her mother from my debut novel, A Tight Grip

In an uncharacteristic moment of blissful connection, [Par’s mother asked], “What do you love about golf?” Excited about her mother’s attention, Par thought for a moment. “I love the finesse of it, the strategy of playing each hole smart, the shot making, adapting to weather, analyzing my competitors’ strengths and weaknesses. I love the fact that I can outdrive a man twice my size. There are always surprises in every round, surprises like sinking a long birdie putt, skipping the ball over water, getting a favorable bounce away from a hazard, holing out a chip shot, and the ultimate—making a hole in one.”

“A hole in one. What are the odds?”

“Probably a million to one.”

“And you’ve had two.”

Par nodded. She had her mother’s full attention and didn’t want to stop. “I love the thrill of winning. I love the press and the attention from people, even strangers, for what I do myself and not for being the daughter of Mr. Chevrolet.”

And yes, these feelings Par has expressed about golf are my feelings (author privilege). The fiction comes in with the ‘two’ holes in one, I’ve had only one, but there’s still a lot of golf left in me!

Cheers for National Golf Day! Wishing you many pars and birdies!!

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Wisconsin Golfer magazine reviews A Tight Grip

I was thrilled to read Dennis McCann’s review in Wisconsin Golfer’s section, GREAT READS. He personalized it in a fun way by sharing his attempt at writing a golf mystery. And I accept his Mulligan offer! 
For the full review, please click here:

Here’s an excerpt: 
“Protagonist plays golf, has other problems. New novel will appeal to ‘women of a certain age.’ Many women readers will relate to, or perhaps envy, [Par] Parker’s relationship with her three friends, expecially to the wine-soaked no-rules Isadora Duncan parties that serve to ease them through especially thorny times. And competitive golfers will mostly recognize Chomic’s treatment of the tournament run-up and execution.”

One correction: A Tight Grip was published by She Writes Press (2014) rather than Village Books, an independent bookstore.


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Golf: A Family Affair

Before a reading at Book’s Inc in Palo Alto, a woman told me, “Golf saved my father’s life.” She had my full attention. Her father had been a workaholic. Family time was not a priority. Then he had a health crisis, took up golf, rearranged his schedule. Fast forward to the present, he now plays golf with the entire family, and hosts a special annual golf event on the east coast for the whole clan. The daughter beamed when she said all the grandchildren have taken up the game.  I beamed, too.

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