Reviews for A Tight Grip

A must-read for any woman who plays golf, values long-term friendships, or relates to the ups and downs of middle age. A Tight Grip, is an entertaining story filled with humor, engaging characters, and high drama—on and off the course.”

        —ELAINE CROSBY, LPGA and Legends Tour Member

“Par is a golf champion, unhappy wife, bereaved lover, bereft empty-nester, jealous sister, and a good friend. This ‘pack’ of women friends, three plus Par, is what saves her life and what makes “A Tight Grip” a different sort of novel. A great read with an unexpected and very gratifying happy ending.”

        —PRISCILLA LONG, author of The Writer’s Portable Mentor and other works.

“…perils and passions of competition in both life and golf…Fans of golf and women’s fiction will gobble it up.”

        —ROBERTA ISLEIB (Lucy Burdette), author of Murder with Ganache, Six Strokes Under

“A golf-and-life novel with a nuanced woman protagonist…I couldn’t put the book down…”
         —SUSAN FORNOFF, sports journalist; author of  Lady in the Locker Room

“[This] new novel will appeal to ‘women of a certain age’ . . . Even at 46, [Par Parker] carried a 4-handicap…. [O]bsessed with winning yet another match-play championship, she finds herself confronting hazards far more daunting than golf course ponds and woods (love affairs . . . family crises . . .). Many women readers will relate to, or perhaps envy, Parker’s relationship with her three friends. . .”

        — DENNIS McCANN, Wisconsin Golfer magazine